Every time I hear the song "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins, I  make a mental note to start doing a better job of documenting my kids at this age.  When the song was released and I made my first mental note, my son was 1.  At that time, I went out and bought a scrapbook and a ton of really cute scrapbooking stickers and supplies.  My son is now 5 with a 2 yr old sister and I have yet to open the scrapbook supplies and put that bad boy together!  Looking back at how quickly the time has flown I have realized not only will I miss this when they are grown up, but I am missing a huge opportunity to document all of it NOW!  My son started Kindergarten this week and I am more determined than ever to start capturing the important moments in our lives, as well as, all of the "little" things I just love about my kids. As a busy working mom and professional photographer, I know how hard it is to find the time to come up with ideas to capture those moments, figure out how and when to execute them, and find a good way to print or display them so they don't end up stored on a hard drive somewhere and never seen again.  I am on a mission to find quick and easy ways to start incorporating this into our busy routine and will be sharing what I find each week on the blog.

With my son starting Kindergarten this week, I had to get the traditional first day of school shot. (...and of course little sister needed her picture taken too!)




 (both photos taken with Canon 5D, 50mm 1:1.4, Monkey Shutter Hugger)


As we were walking to his classroom, I remember looking at him and how he was excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I immediately wanted to capture more of this first week at school and all it entailed so I wouldn't forget it.  I started searching for more back to school photo ideas and came across an awesome blog post on the Simple as That Blog (  with tips for back to school photos and a FREE printable Back 2 School photo checklist that has 50 ideas for back to school photos!  Check it out here:

Simple As That Blog Back 2 School Photo Checklist

 (Checklist from Simple As That Blog)


Using ideas from the checklist, I was able to capture some more great shots, here are a few: 



(Photos taken with iPhone and Dinosaur Mini Shutter Hugger- coming soon!)



I am looking forward to snapping more photos over the next few weeks to document the beginning of the school year.  I will also be checking out all the options for creating a final product with all of the shots from the entire year and will let you know what I find next week. 


What did you do to document the beginning of the school year?  Do you have a tradition you do every year?  Please share!







Written by Amy James — August 29, 2012

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